Charlotte Wickham (depicted by Sarah Rose Wilkinson), William Fanning Wickham (Mark Wilcox) and Agnes Lee (Haley Radvany) were interpreted by the volunteers of Engaging History Productions.

Shannon Pritchard, the current owner of Hickory Hill and the man responsible for its glorious restoration, begins a tour of the house.

The Hanover County Historical Society's seventh annual Patrick Henry Leadership Award Gala took place on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, at beautiful and historic Hickory Hill.

Society president Faye Wade presented this year's awards to Rosanne Shalf of the Ashland Museum and David Deal of the Hanover Tavern Foundation.

Mr. Shannon Pritchard, current owner of Hickory Hill, opened the house to the event's guests, who were given tours. Most of the house has been restored to its beautiful 19th century appearance.

Over 100 people attended the event. Musical entertainment was provided by Floyd Lane Country Tradition. A buffet dinner with drinks was provided by the caterer The Dirty Apron.

David Deal and Rosanne Shalf receive their awards.

Also depicted by Engaging History Productions volunteers Skip Owens and Paul Boulden were two members of the Hanover Dragoons, a cavalry outfit formed by Hickory Hill's owner Williams Carter Wickham in 1859.